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Dublin – A Day Out On The DART

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This was our fourth trip to Dublin in as many years, so we tried something different and it worked out better than we could have hoped. I booked the trip as a surprise part of Amanda’s 40th birthday celebrations. We both love Dublin and Amanda would have liked everyone to come over for the weekend, but with the cost and the travel we stuck with York for the birthday pub crawl the previous weekend. So, for my surprise trip, it was a fairly obvious choice and Amanda pretty much worked it out before we even left home.

The trip from Scunthorpe to Manchester Airport is fairly straightforward, apart from the inevitable traffic issues, but this time it was more complicated. Amanda had to be in Edinburgh with work the night before we were due to fly out of Manchester.

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Superb Steak: Close to Home

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The Hope & AnchorFor Amanda’s 40th birthday, the family meal was booked at the Hope & Anchor pub in South Ferriby, North Lincolnshire. If there was ever an example of a ‘Phoenix from the flames’ this place must be it. For years it was an average pub in an average place, more known for the cement works and for being a ‘rat run’ between Scunthorpe and the Humber Bridge. Then in 2013, most of South Ferriby, including the pub, was swamped by a tidal surge. Colin McGurran, the Winteringham Fields owner and TV chef, took on the £500,000 renovation project, with a vision to bring the pub back to being the focal point of the village and something to be proud of.

All I can say is “JOB DONE”! What a fantastic place…if only it was located within walking distance of our home.

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