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Cornwall is closed for the season

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Rather than taking our UK staycation up in Scotland, we decided to book a Club La Costa lodge in Castledore, near St Austell in Cornwall. On the journey down, we decided to stay overnight in a village called Axbridge, staying at the Oakhouse Hotel & Restaurant. We ventured around the handful of village pubs that evening and had a great laugh people watching. In the Oakhouse bar, one guy bought his puppy a £25 steak to eat whilst he was drinking. In the Crown Inn, a guy was doing some dodgy under the counter deals on raw fish, before consoling one of the bar staff who literally burst into tears for no apparent reason and then the same guy became our best friend as he turned out to work for Sainsbury’s in a similar line of work as Amanda. All-in-all, it was a great night out and a good way to start our week away.

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