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Leeds has so much to offer!

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Leeds #4We have spent many a night out in Leeds, generally drinking but this time I decided to treat my husband to a surprise night away and booked a table for dinner. In our early days of dating, we use to love going to a Teppanyaki restaurant in Birmingham. It had been many years since we had last been and after a little research I found a Teppanyaki restaurant in Leeds.

I hadn’t told Steve that we were going out for a meal or where we was going. So once we had checked in at the hotel and dropped our bags off in the room, we went for a cheeky cocktail before hitting the town. Steve had asked for a Bloody Mary, extra spicy, and boy did he get that. I quite frequently ask barmen to choose me a cocktail, I tell them the sort of spirits that I like and then they make me a drink. I have to say, he made me a fantastic drink, a Pornstar Martini. I have never had one of these before and I can tell you now, I will be drinking a lot of them in the future.

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Planning Our Trip

Road-Trip-USAAs prep for our world travel we have booked a three week road trip around America next year. I really can’t wait, we love the usa and we plan to go to places we have never been before.

The challenge for us is not to book everything in advance and it’s harder than you think. We have only booked our flights and our first couple of nights hotel. The benefit is we are flying into one part of the country and coming home from Jamaica. We have no choice but to travel across the country otherwise we won’t be coming back.

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