Leeds has so much to offer!

Leeds has so much to offer!

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Leeds #4We have spent many a night out in Leeds, generally drinking but this time I decided to treat my husband to a surprise night away and booked a table for dinner. In our early days of dating, we use to love going to a Teppanyaki restaurant in Birmingham. It had been many years since we had last been and after a little research I found a Teppanyaki restaurant in Leeds.

I hadn’t told Steve that we were going out for a meal or where we was going. So once we had checked in at the hotel and dropped our bags off in the room, we went for a cheeky cocktail before hitting the town. Steve had asked for a Bloody Mary, extra spicy, and boy did he get that. I quite frequently ask barmen to choose me a cocktail, I tell them the sort of spirits that I like and then they make me a drink. I have to say, he made me a fantastic drink, a Pornstar Martini. I have never had one of these before and I can tell you now, I will be drinking a lot of them in the future.

Once we had finished our cocktails, we headed to the restaurant. Steve was still guessing what the plans were, by now I had told him that we were going out for a meal but I wouldn’t tell him where. After about a 15min walk, we arrived at our destination. Down a dark little side street and in a basement we arrived at Teppanyaki Leeds.

If you have never been for a Teppanyaki before, I would highly recommend it. Not only is the food fresh but it is great entertainment. We sat in the reception lounge and ordered a beer whilst we perused the menu. We couldn’t choose what we wanted, so we decided to go with the set menu options, one fish and one meat. Whilst drinking in the lounge we were soaking up the atmosphere and couldn’t wait to be seated. It didn’t take long for them to take us to the table, along with 6 others, and the food started flowing. First we got our salads, followed by miso soup. I have to say the soup is not my favourite, so I put it to one side and replaced it with a beer :-). Then out came the hot appetizers,  these were to die for and full of flavour. We sat chatting and enjoying the food we had ordered but couldn’t wait for the main course to begin or should I say the entertainment. Out came our chef, really friendly and a big smile on his face. He confirmed everyone’s orders and then it began. A drizzle of oil and the lighter, whoosh the hot plate was on fire. Not long after he was juggling eggs, catching them in his hat and then getting us all up to play egg shell golf. Steve went up first, then I followed but neither of us really potted our shell. Then came the food toss, I would like to say I caught mine in my mouth but that would be a lie, I caught it in my hands and then ate it. Steve just missed catching his egg, but let’s be honest he made a better effort than me.

The Videos…

Watch Ya Eyebrows

Chef’s Egg Flip ‘N Catch

Chef’s Egg Juggling

Steve’s Egg Shell Golf

Once the games and socialising had finished he started to cook the mains right in front of us, chopping up the rice, playing music on the hot plate and generally making us all smile. We got the fish first and it was cooked to perfection, salmon, king prawns and scallops. Then followed the egg fried rice, whilst the meat was cooking. The chicken was served up first in a teriyaki sauce then we got the steak, he asked how we wanted it cooking and it was cooked spot on. I have to say there was a lot of food for us to eat but it was all so tasty. We struggled to eat it all, never mind dessert as we were so full. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we absolutely loved the place and we will definitely be going back again.

Once we left the restaurant we hit the town and tried lots of new bars for a change. I have to say, no matter how many times we go to Leeds every night is different, the people, the food and the bars are great. I don’t think we could ever get bored of Leeds and I can’t wait until the next time we visit.