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The Madras

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Spice ClubWe were over in Hull for a very important reason; Amanda was finalising the salary package on her new job. In a month, my lovely wife will be back in the food industry and working locally, which is awesome news.

The meeting finished late and we were hungry, but where do you go to eat at 9:45pm on a Wednesday evening in Hull? A curry house of course! But which one; I haven’t had a curry in Hull for years.

After firing up TripAdvisor on the mobile we headed towards the hospital and a place called The Madras. Reportedly the second best restaurant in Hull, it was close by and a curry house, so it ticked all the necessary boxes.

Their website introduction quotes…

Bangladeshi & Indian cuisine cooked using the best quality & freshest ingredients to give you the taste of home.

…so how did it fair?

BRILLIANTLY! We love our curries, so we have very high standards and The Madras delivered on all counts. The waiter, a family member and final year student at Leeds University, was curtious and helpful. Given the lateness, I asked for recommendations and the two dishes we agreed on were perfect. Amanda loves a fish curry and their Sizzling Mustard dish was spot on. A white fleshy fish cooked in a mustard seeded base, with tomatoes, onions, peppers, green chillies and coriander. Served in a korai it was a medium-hot dish that was very flavoursome. My choice was the Naga Korai made with lamb rather than the standard menu option of chicken tikka. This dish is not blazingly hot, but the Naga chillies give it a nice flavour with a punch.

All-in-all the food, service and overall quality was truly fantastic. Possibly a little pricey for some, but this is not a run of the mill, cheap and cheerful, curry house catering purely for drinkers after a belly full of ale. Highly recommended if you are ever in the area.