Valentines: The Comfy Duck

Valentines: The Comfy Duck

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We celebrated Valentine’s Day 24 hours early this year for two good reasons; firstly, Amanda had work to do on the Sunday and secondly, she had secretly booked a romantic lunch for us both on the Saturday. So, we exchanged gifts in bed on Saturday morning. I’d bought Amanda a 1L bottle of Tanqueray Gin and Amanda replenished my aftershave collection with a nice bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Time to leave home and head to the secret lunch venue. From the postcode Amanda entered into the 5-Series satnav I knew we were heading in the general direction of Grimsby…but where exactly? I only figured it out as we pulled off the road and up the drive to the Oaklands Hall Hotel and more specifically the Comfy Duck restaurant.

We’d talked about coming here for a while and when Amanda saw on Facebook that they were offering a special afternoon tea for Valentine’s Day it was booked in a flash.

It’s not the biggest or most well known restaurant in the area and, being part of an average hotel chain, you wouldn’t expect it to be high-end. However, we’d heard good reports about the food so it was added to our hitlist.

We were seated just inside the main room, overlooking the small bar. Our lunch was a romantic his and hers set menu in an afternoon tea style. It wasn’t the usual afternoon tea fair of triangle sandwiches, cakes and cream scones at all. It consisted of a mixture of savoury canapés, dainty soups and sweet nibbles. Although themed as a his and hers menu, with each selection being totally different, we shared a bit of everything as we tend to always do when eating out together. It was all lovely, cleverly put together, well executed and tasty.

We checked out the normal lunch and evening meal menus for a return visit, with both offering lots of tempting choices…we will be back.

I drove home and, on route, called Chloe (Amanda’s daughter) to ask if we could get a lift up to Messingham to have a few beers before heading home. Messingham is a lovely place with four pubs; two great ones, one good one and one that is a little rough around the edges. After a few beers in all but the latter, we got an early evening taxi home…well that was the initial plan anyway. As we would be passing our local, The Beckwood, it’d have been rude not to pop in and say “hi”. We eventually got home around 2:30am and crashed into bed. The following day resulted in a hangover, a ‘clear the cobwebs’ walk and a day on the couch nursing two bad heads! Happy Valentine’s Day darling, thanks for the lovely surprise meal and sorry you didn’t get your work done as planned…oops.


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