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The Land of Fire & Ice

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amanda-and-steveA visit to Iceland (the country, not the retailer) is on most peoples bucket list and it’s no surprise as Iceland is a geological wonder. Our trip was scheduled as a direct result of having our Florida trip cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew. We picked up a deal from Wowcher (not recommended) and travelled to Reykjavík for 2 nights. The way the flights worked out we had virtually 3 full days, which to do the trips we wanted to do was perfect. An extra night would have been good, but as a very expensive country be careful when budgeting. The exchange rate was around 140 Icelandic Krona to 1 British Pound, which makes the mental conversion tricky (well, for me anyway), but most items you will be buying are 45-55% more expensive than in the UK.  For example, 500ml of domestic beer was a minimum of 1,000 Krona, which is over £7 and in some places it was nearer £10 a pint.

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