Monthly Archives: May 2017

Once Is Never Enough

If you fancy a few days away, with warm weather and a mix of chilled activities, party options, good food, drinks a plenty and a fabulous atmosphere, where is your favourite place? How about somewhere in the UK? No, the weather is far too unpredictable and only truly warm on a few days each year. How about Europe? There are some good places to visit, but there are the language and culture differences to contend with, plus the weather is pleasant rather than consistently warm. How about Cancun, Mexico? Getting warmer and this is certainly a location that ticks most of the boxes. However, there is a standout winner and that has to be Las Vegas, Nevada, USA! It is a crazy, vibrant, 24/7 city that has so much more to offer than dropping coins into a slot machine all day (you can do this in Cleethorpes if that’s all you want).

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