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Riviera Maya: Not So Relaxing

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This post is somewhat overdue given that we returned from Mexico on 3rd October 2018 and today’s date is 11th January 2019! The reason for the delay is because the last quarter of 2018 was one hectic period to say the least. The list of things we’ve had to deal with seems never ending; house break-in, car stolen, almost losing our house buyers, transferring to a new employer, buying a new car, packing up a 5 bedroom house, putting everything into storage, leaving our home of 8 years, staying in temporary accommodation for 5 weeks, moving into our new home, unpacking, DIY disasters, buying new stuff, snagging a myriad of problems, giving a home to a new puppy, Xmas/New Year illness and the final configuration and testing of a new computer system at work…did I forget anything?

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