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Pre-Coronavirus Getaway

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After a few recent trips that didn’t hit our usual high expectations, we agreed that 2020 would be just about us two travelling together and visiting known places that we have thoroughly enjoyed previously. The plan for March was to take the cheap option of the Club La Costa resort just south of Fuengirola in Spain.

It’s a lovely spot and, although not the hottest time of the year, it was still pleasant enough to sit by the pool, reading and recharging our batteries. The resort wasn’t fully open, which was good in terms of peacefulness, but bad in terms of having to walk further from the sun lounger to get a beer. Plus, the pool was set to Baltic temperature and body parts shrivelled up just thinking about going for a swim. We did make it into the pool on a couple of occasions, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience and it was more to prove that we could do it rather than we wanted to!

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