T1gersteveHi there, I hope you are well, this is our 'About' page.

My wife, Amanda, and I love to travel... Simple.

We both have full time, demanding, jobs and have spent many years climbing the professional career ladder. Don't get me wrong, the rewards are great and as a couple we earn a very decent combined salary, but we have the wanderlust. In the UK, we get 25 days holiday, plus 8 public holidays, each year. I know that is a lot compared to our American cousins, but quite frankly, it is nowhere near enough for our travel needs!

I'm approaching 50 and we have been talking about taking a year's sabbatical to travel the world before it's too late. We have a huge world map poster on the wall in our utility room, with pins showing where we've been together. When you look at it, one thing is abundantly clear, we have only crossed the equator once on the many trips we've taken. So, our grand plan, our dream, is to visit a whole host of continents, countries and cities in the southern hemisphere during a 12 month trip of a lifetime.

When will this be? Will it ever happen? Can we afford to do it? What about our careers? Blah, blah, blah...

Lots of questions and obstacles could stand in our way, but you only live once so fuck it, let's start planning. As skilled Project Managers the time honoured 7P's mantra comes into play... Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

We have two trips booked already, the first is a party break, but the second is a 'toe in the water' to see how we manage with unbooked travel (well sort of)...

In November we head to Las Vegas for 5 nights to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary as we got married there on 10th November 2012. Then next year, we both celebrate special birthdays; Amanda's 40th and my 50th. So, yesterday we booked a 21 day trip to the States, with 13 days free for us to do what we want, when we want. We fly into San Francisco and have 3 night's accommodation booked, plus we have 5 nights booked in Jamaica before we fly back to the UK. All we have to do is get from San Francisco on the 25th April to Miami International Airport by the 8th May, were we fly to Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island for 5 nights all-inclusive luxury relaxation and recuperation...road trip anyone?

Then, on returning to the UK, it's full steam ahead with planning the round the world trip. Watch this space!

All the best


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