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Düsseldorf: Home of Altbier

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Dusseldorf 2015Altbier (German for old beer) for old alcoholics! Chris and Jen Daws invited us over to sample German hospitality as a warm up to our joint trip to Las Vegas in November. Jen is working in Germany for two years and has an apartment in Düsseldorf. Chris had the pleasure of working with Amanda a number of years back, hence how we all met. We have lots in common as individuals and couples, with a love of beer being top of the list. We flew out of Birmingham after work on Friday, meeting up with Chris in the Wetherspoon’s in the departure hall. We flew with German Wings and Birmingham to Düsseldorf is only a short hop. After a quick and easy transfer via train we arrived at Jen’s apartment to a very warm welcome…and more beer!

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