Kusadasi, Turkey – A Must Visit

    A week away in the sun is never a bad thing; however, this trip was a mixed bag to be honest. We booked a week at the Club La Costa Kusadasi Golf & Spa resort through our holiday club. I’d wanted to visit this particular resort for a few years, mainly because the discounts were large, the resort included a golf course and I love kebabs! Although named after the seaside town of Kusadasi, the resort complex was 16km inland and perched high on a hill overlooking the surrounding area. The other issue that became abundantly clear relatively quickly after check-in was the fact that this was not a normal Club La Costa resort. A large amount of the complex, I’d say 80%+, was available to holiday tour operators to use rather than being exclusively for CLC members. In addition, the onsite restaurants charged a premium on top of the all-inclusive fee, apart from the free-for-all buffet that was horrendously busy and full of unruly kids and disinterested parents. Within a few hours it was clear we wouldn’t be returning for a second visit.

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    Thailand: First Far East Adventure

    As our first trip to the Far East together we chose Thailand, with 3 nights in Bangkok and 8 nights in Hua Hin. We also decided to play it safe and book it as a package deal, including transfers, through Virgin Holidays rather than booking the various elements ourselves. Visas were not required, but we needed to play catch-up on the appropriate inoculations even though we weren’t planning on venturing too far into mainland Thailand…better safe than sorry. The Far East has always been on our bucket list and we agreed that Thailand was a good place to start. It didn’t disappoint on any level.

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    Dubai: Nah Don't Bother

    wp-1457079303840.jpgOur first visit to Dubai was a mixed affair for so many reasons. This wasn't a holiday. Amanda had a business conference and food exhibition to attend, so I tagged along for the 6-day trip. It wasn't planned that I join Amanda when the trip was first booked. However, after lots of research about the do's and don'ts in Dubai culture, especially as a single woman, we agreed a chaperone was not a bad idea. Amanda can get herself into trouble easily in the UK, so Dubai was definitely a 'red' zone! Don't drink alcohol, don't show affection in public, don't swear, don't do anything with your left hand... The list goes on and on. Locked up by lunchtime on day one???

    No, not really.

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    Where Do We Begin?

    MadeiraSo, we've decided to create a travel blog to record our adventures from August 2015 onwards. However, what about all the places we've visited before today? Well, rather than spending too much time trying to recall these trips and the stories behind them, I thought I'd just make a list of the countries we've visited as a couple since our very first trip together. We started off with a long weekend in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, nicknamed "The City of a Hundred Spires". Our most recent adventure, well holiday really, was to Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun, Mexico. This was to celebrate my step-daughter Chloe's 18th birthday in July.

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