Even though the focus of this blog is the 'Explore' element of our motto Eat • Drink • Explore, drink is a massive part of our lifestyle. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere in the world! We love our alcohol, whether it’s real ale, craft beers, cocktails, shots, wine or champagne.

Whilst travelling, the aim is to blog on as many boozing related stories as possible, especially the best, the craziest and the hangovers! This is where you will find those stories in chronological order...

    A Long Walk To The Pub

    Traditionally in January or February each year we try to get away for a mini break and, in recent years, this means a trip up to the Duchally Country Estate on the outskirts of Auchterarder in Perthshire, Scotland. Duchally is part of the CLC World Hotels & Resorts and has hotel rooms as well as luxury lodges. We always stay in the latter, because it allows us to take family with us at no extra cost, is more relaxed and gives us the flexibility of self-catering accommodation. On this occasion, Amanda’s Dad came with us for a week of R&R, walking and whisky sampling. To be honest, Amanda and I had planned on having a very chilled week, but we ended up walking for miles.

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    Boozy October - My Liver Hurts!

    purecraftWell, after the disappointment of having our Florida trip cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew, there was only one thing to do and that's drown our sorrows with alcohol! To be fair, both sessions that I'm going to talk about here were already planned and in the diary before the cancellation, but a good excuse is a good excuse right?


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    Vegas: Monday Night - Tuesday Morning

    Las Vegas #05After our day out in the Nevada and Arizona Mojave Desert, we dropped the hire car off at McCarran Airport and got a cab back to the Strip. As Chris and Jen had missed our earlier visit to the Nine Fine Irishmen bar, we hopped out of the cab at the New York New York Hotel & Casino and headed in for a few pints of Guinness. The second watering hole we visited was the Hard Rock Café, not for food, just for cocktails. My favourite cocktail is a Bloody Mary and I rank the mixologist by whether they ask me “how spicy?” and then by how good they make it. The first one at HRC was not as spicy as I like, so we suggested adding some Sriracha sauce for number two and I had to ask for a larger dose in number three! We headed back up the Strip and stopped off for a burger at Bobby’s Burger Palace, which was hosting a wedding reception…only in Vegas! Then we popped over to a bar area outside Chili's Grill & Bar for a swift one before hitting The Mirage for some gambling.

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    Düsseldorf: Home of Altbier

    Dusseldorf 2015Altbier (German for old beer) for old alcoholics! Chris and Jen Daws invited us over to sample German hospitality as a warm up to our joint trip to Las Vegas in November. Jen is working in Germany for two years and has an apartment in Düsseldorf. Chris had the pleasure of working with Amanda a number of years back, hence how we all met. We have lots in common as individuals and couples, with a love of beer being top of the list. We flew out of Birmingham after work on Friday, meeting up with Chris in the Wetherspoon's in the departure hall. We flew with German Wings and Birmingham to Düsseldorf is only a short hop. After a quick and easy transfer via train we arrived at Jen's apartment to a very warm welcome...and more beer!

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    Real Ale & Pork Pies

    York #05York, founded by the Romans as Eboracum in 71AD, is a historic walled city in North Yorkshire, England. The city has a rich heritage and offers a wealth of historic attractions; including York Minster and a variety of cultural and sporting activities making it a popular tourist destination.

    However, even though this is all well and good, for us, York is a favourite destination for two other activities; drinking a wide selection of real ales and eating the most delicious pork pies, topped with a slice of black pudding! This is pub crawl heaven.

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    1901 - The Turkey Cafe

    wpid-wp-1441009700371.jpgIt was a 'school night' and our first visit into Leicester for a night out. We stumbled across a gem of a place called 1901 - The Turkey Cafe and so glad we did. We had 30mins to kill before our table at Marco's New York Italian was ready and found this place just down the road.

    From the outside it didn't stand out, a small pavement seating area led to a slightly larger 'inside-out' area with wooden flooring and a few tables. The bar is found down the stairs in a lovely traditional speakeasy style basement. We had a swift beer, a fine Brooklyn Summer Ale, headed for our meal and promptly returned for more!

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    The Beckwood, Scunthorpe

    Beckwood_SmallI've never had a 'local' pub other than The Beckwood (apart from a B&B in Telford, but that's another story)! However, OMG I don't change my boxer shorts as frequently as the brewery change their manager's!

    To be honest, it's not up to much, but it's our 'local' and therefore it's our Friday night, end of the work week, haven. Well, haven may be a little over the top, but I hope you get my gist. I've lived in Scunny (Scunthorpe for the uninitiated) for 7 and a bit years, but for every one of those 93 months The Beckwood is our second home. It's less than a mile from where we live and it's where the extended family congregate on a Friday as a minimum.

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